Who Is Mina?

Mina has a stellar record as an environmental advocate. Early on she participated in protecting the West Meade waterfall which is now a Metro wilderness park. We are indebted to her for protecting the large 240 acre wooded corridor between the hills of West Meade and Bellevue by an SP, her very first action after being elected in 2015. The SP  guarantees that only 14 acres adjacent to the Reserve can be developed leaving the rest of the 226 acres of wooded area untouched. She negotiated a similar protective SP for the 180 acres of woods between the Lexington Apartments, the end of Rodney Dr. and the hills above Jocelyn Hollow Dr. Without her negotiation skills and relentless engagement, we might now see denuded hills and big houses instead of an extensive corridor of old growth forest.

Dr. Hans-Willi Honegger 
West Meade

I first met Mina Johnson over ten years ago while she was working as a Task Force member for the West Meade Park Neighborhood Association.  My law firm had been engaged by the Association to resist commercial development activity that was viewed as a threat to the tranquility of the neighborhood.  Throughout the process, Mina impressed me as an informed, reasoned member of the Task Force.  She attended all meetings, was well-versed in zoning code limitations and asked probing questions.  Ultimately, the proposed development was abandoned and I viewed Mina’s efforts as one of the keys to the successful outcome.

Years later, Mina contacted me about working on her campaign for the District 23 Metro Council seat.  Although I was reluctant to become involved in politics, I believed that she would be an excellent steward for the area and I signed up to be her Treasurer.  It was the right call!

During the past four years, Mina has served our district and the City of Nashville with distinction.  She has made tough decisions and has remained the same reasoned neighborhood advocate who I met so many years ago.  At the same time, she has advocated fiscal responsibility in situations where others seem more than willing to add new obligations to our city’s staggering budget.

Please join me in supporting Mina Johnson in her re-election effort.  Nashville faces important challenges.  More than ever, we need Mina’s leadership and studied careful approach at City Hall.

Blakeley D. Matthews
Board Member, Harpeth Trace Services Association

During my many years of involvement in all major issues and leadership responsibilities in the Hillwood Neighborhood Association, I have come to realize the key importance of planning and zoning as critical to how neighborhoods fare.  This is something you have to be immersed in over and over to understand the nuances, the impact in unimaginable ways and how zoning impacts critical outcomes.  This is not a process for the vaguely interested.

About 15 years ago I met Mina Johnson, another dedicated neighborhood advocate.  Mina has been involved and taken leadership responsibilities for about 20 years, including the last four years officially representing District 23. Before that she was involved in the multi-year process of developing the West Nashville Community Plan, revising it years later and then as a member of the NashvilleNext Community Engagement Committee hammering out the key working reference guide known as NashvilleNext.  In addition, her other involvements include: working to save the West Meade waterfall; working to negotiate a development in West Meade that was a good fit for the neighborhood (Harding Academy Athletic Field); working to save Bells Bend from the May Town Center development; helping prevent a Construction and Demolition (C&D) Landfill adjacent to West Meade; and working to prevent LED signage in residential neighborhoods.   Mina’s reputation as a neighborhood leader led to her appointment on Mayor Dean’s Citizens Advisory Committee for AMP.

Mina’s volunteer involvement “down in the trenches” and non-wavering commitment has given her hands-on experience that has helped shape her knowledge and awareness of the needs of this community.  Her level of involvement taught her how a decision made in any instance may pull 20 other threads of impact, resulting in unintended consequences or a major impact in other parts of our city.  The sole “teacher’ here is the hours of experience, careful language development, the need for careful and broad input that helped prepare her to be one of the best Council members we have ever had.  This is not a job for the vaguely interested.  Other life experience does not substitute, regardless of good intent.  

The right experience, know-how and commitment are critical to our neighborhood and its future at this crucial time in our city.  Mina Johnson has become an expert in planning, zoning and land use; her knowledge and experience are unmatchable.  No one in this district has those 20 years to draw on to protect our properties in our little corner of Nashville. No one else in our district can so well protect us with such a key knowledge base. Being an effective council member takes hard work and long hours.   The choice we make for our council member must not be made on social connections and inuendo and partial statements. This is not a political statement; it is one that comes from having dedicated years of my own life to Nashville neighborhoods; and knowing what that means in the very real world of impacts, you cannot even imagine.  Other life’s experiences are not these.  Other knowledge bases are not these. Your vote here determines our future.  Mina Johnson is the right person for this job.

Trish Bolian

I have known Mina Johnson for about 12 years. Oddly enough we met at a Planning Commission public hearing, where we were both speaking in opposition to a proposed bill that would have allowed LED signage in residential neighborhoods. After that first meeting, several concerned neighbors continued to meet and discuss this issue. Mina and I had the same views about protecting neighborhoods, so we “clicked.” We stayed in touch and continued discussing other issues we had concerns with, and thus our friendship grew. I am so proud to call Mina my friend; we have been through a lot together. Before her election to Metro Council, we spent many hours together attending community meetings and speaking at Metro Council, Planning Commission and BZA public hearings. Since her election, we still spend lots of time together, some of it at community meetings, but most of it just being friends – attending public events together, like the traveling Vietnam Wall, shopping at art shows and bazaars, but my favorite – getting together for lunch. We go out to lunch and it turns into three hours of “girl talk” and catching up. We both have a love of dogs and have been there for each other in times of loss of our beloved pets. Mina is someone I know I can call on, but better yet count on, no matter what I need.

Mina is extremely knowledgeable with everything Metro.  She was always a source for the Metro Code and processes in Metro government; but as a Councilwoman, she has really been able to put that knowledge and experience to work for all of us. Mina works tirelessly for her neighborhood, her district and Nashville as a whole. During the last 3 ½ years, I have watched Mina devote countless hours to her Council work.  She thoroughly researches the tough, controversial issues.  She is fair-minded and votes for what is best for her District and Nashville.  I have watched her stand up for both her constituents and her convictions.  She cannot be intimidated; she is not afraid to speak out or ask the tough questions.  I am so proud of her accomplishments, her leadership and her integrity.  I believe she is one of the best Council members we have.

My only regret about Mina running for re-election for Metro Council in District 23 is that I do not live in that district and cannot vote for Mina; but I fully support Mina and would urge each voter in District 23 to cast your vote for Mina. 

Charlotte S. Cooper
President, Green Hills Neighborhood Association

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