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My name is Mina Johnson, and it has been my honor to represent District 23 during the last 3 ½ years.  I hope you will allow me to continue representing District 23 in the Metro Council.  When re-elected, I will continue my commitment to be an advocate on your behalf. A few short years after moving to Nashville, I moved into the West Meade neighborhood.  I have called this neighborhood home for close to 20 years.  Like so many of my neighbors in West Meade, as well as the other neighborhoods in District 23 and across the city of Nashville, I love all that our city has to offer.  However, I believe that Nashville is at an important point in our city’s history. I want to continue to protect the traditions while enhancing it, where possible, for future generations of Nashvillians.

Soon after moving to West Meade, I began to participate in this community by serving various positions in the neighborhood association.   As the West Meade area continued to grow, developers proposed projects that were not in keeping with the charm and character of our neighborhood. As I learned about these projects, I began an effort to inform my neighbors. Working with a group of concerned citizens, we organized a task force - hosting community meetings to share information about these plans with our neighbors and to negotiate with the developers for a mutually agreeable plan.

I soon realized the importance of the Community Plan and the Planning Department processes, so I began regularly attending planning meetings and paying close attention to what was going on, not only in West Meade, but across District 23 and across Nashville. This involvement provided an opportunity to meet other neighborhood leaders across the city.  Over the years, I worked on many projects ranging from saving the West Meade waterfall and protecting Bell’s Bend by preventing May Town Center development to preventing the Construction and Demolition (C&D) Landfill adjacent to West Meade and preventing LED signage expanding within residentially zoned areas. I also served on Mayor Dean’s Citizens Advisory Committee for AMP as well as serving on the Nashville Next Community Engagement Committee.  In 2015, I was honored to be elected to represent you, the residents of District 23, in Metro Council.  As your District 23 Councilwoman, I have served on the Rules, Confirmations and Public Elections Committee, the Planning, Zoning and Historical Committee, and the Public Works Committee.  

I believe my Council experience and past nearly 20 years of community advocacy provide the skills and knowledge to navigate Metro Government.  I am not afraid to ask the tough questions and call for better transparency and accountability.  I have always been able to work with residents and city leaders toward common goals and unity through balancing fiscal responsibility and sound judgment.   Throughout my first term, I have worked with other Council members to mandate more transparency for certain Metro areas that have been or at least given an appearance of, operating under an opaque system.  However, that work is not quite finished.  In addition, here in District 23, the plan to move the existing Hillwood high school to Bellevue is underway. I have been working the last few years with the community, MNPS and the administration to keep the Hillwood property for the best use for the community, as well as having the community play a key role in deciding the best use for the community. I would like to be sure that MNPS and the administration follow through with their end of commitment for community involvement before a final decision is made, once high school is vacated.

Nashville is at the crossroads. I know I have more to accomplish for the residents of District 23. I would be honored to serve as your representative for a second term. I would appreciate your vote for Mina Johnson for Metro Council.


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